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-Design features a selfie of ‘Kitten’ frontwoman Chloe Chaidez and a very subtle Snapchat template overlay. Her band’s name ‘KITTEN’ is printed within the image.

-Design will be centered and will take up most of the shirt. 

-Design will be printed on a black GILDON Ultra Blend Tee

-Shirts will be shipped out in 3 weeks


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Nicki Minaj speaking up about the backlash she received for her “Anaconda” cover. There will forever be a difference in how black bodies are viewed even when being marketed the same way. When black women show their bodies they are hoochies and hoes. But when white women show their bodies in a similar or even more revealing manner it is ART or fine. It can be sold in stores, seen in households without a second glance. I’m not agreeing or disagreeing with women showing skin but pointing out there’s no difference between the two. Intersectionality is real. Hard out here for black women. Feminist movement never claimed us.

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"we’re having mcdonalds for dinner"


"i made cookies"


"i did your laundry for you" 


"we’re going out you’ll be home alone for a few hours" 


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